VIAIR’s 200 PSI Rated Hyper Grade series compressors available in 12V and 24V (available by 4th Qtr 2020). VIAIR’s New Hyper Grade (HG) compressors feature an upgraded 200PSI motor with 50% Duty Cycle at 200PSI. All HG compressors are CE Certified, RoHS and Reach Compliant, and feature outstanding sealing properties to the elements. Additionally, all HG compressors are equipped with a separate stainless steel braided PTFE-lined leader hoses and check valve assembly.

Note: • Always operate the compressor at or below the MAXIMUM PRESSURE RATING of the air compressor. Always observe the MAXIMUM DUTY CYCLE of the air compressor. Operation exceeding maximum pressure ratings and/or duty cycle will result in damage to the air compressor.

Hyper Grade Compressor Range

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