Choosing the right Viair RV Model


VIAIR provides some of the most popular RV portable tire inflators on the market. We occasionally get asked if our compressor will actually fill their tires all the way up to 150PSI. The answer to that question is declared with absolute certainly… YES!


Although there are numerous product reviews of our tire inflators, as well as online videos which demonstrate how efficient they are, we do enjoy spending the time to field these questions and assure people of their future purchase.


How do you choose between the two RV models we have?


Before picking your RV portable air compressor, the most important thing to check is your tire size. One helpful tool we use is a tire size calculator


Below are a few other helpful hints to assist you with more knowledge about your future purchase.


What Does Duty Cycle Mean?

  • Duty cycle is the amount of time that a compressor can be run, in a full cycle, (typically one hour) that includes the compressor’s run time and rest time.
  • Should the compressor get too hot, it is equipped with a thermal overload switch that will shut it off until it cools back down.


Benefits of the Automatic Feature:

  • Since both of our RV tire inflators are equipped with our automatic feature, filling your tires has never been an easier task! The automatic feature really helps when moving from tire to tire, and when checking tire pressure in the middle of a tire fill.
  • Non-automatic compressors must be turned off between tire fills, and anytime you want to check tire pressure. That means you’ll be running back and forth to the compressor turning the unit on and off.
  • The automatic feature will save you time & effort when inflating your tires!


Additional Features:

  • VIAIR has made it easy for you, by including all that you need to fill your RV tires. Included in each RV portable air compressor kit are:
    • Two 30ft hoses, giving you a total of 60ft of hose length.
    • Two types of chucks to fill either dually tires or any other type of tire you may have.
      • A 45-Degree extended reach chuck (geared towards dually tires).
      • A 90-Degree twist on chuck.
    • 3pc inflation tip set so you can fill other objects like basketballs, river toys, air mattresses, etc.
    • A conveniently-sized carry bag so you can store your compressor and accessories together.
  • Another application people have used our RV portable air compressors for is to winterize their RV. Below is a link that people have found very useful